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  • Infractions, misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged provided you only received probation and did not serve any state prison time.
  • Agruss Law Firm took my case, sued the responsible parties, fixed my credit report, got me money damages, and the other side paid my fees and costs.
  • There are some great public defenders but they are extremely limited in the time they are able to devote to each case.
  • Nevertheless, if the court grants the motion to terminate your probation early, you can then move forward to getting the conviction expunged and your case dismissed.
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  • People are typically not satisfied with the service a public defender offers since they typically handle about a hundred cases per day and do not have time to hear your version of events or to discuss the case with you.

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DUI conviction can be devastating. DUI lawyer in Los Angeles. As DUI lawyers, we believe in upholding and protecting your human rights to keep you clear from any consequences arising from a failure to provide DUI charge. Most of the elements of the crime are highly subjective, which means the prosecution can easily exaggerate negligence, great bodily harm, or your intentions. Your conviction may still affect your driving privileges. An expungement will not erase all records of your criminal case. We use the los angeles expungement request early?

How is my record expunged? You must also pay a filing fee when you submit your petition. Arrests pending prosecution may also show up on a report.

If you are required to register as a sex offender, an expungement will not relieve you of that requirement and your status as a registered sex offender will remain available to the public.

Federal and state bankruptcies. They will fire you soon after. Our skilled Los Angeles expungement lawyers will file your expungement petition with the proper California court within days of your retaining our legal services. What if my record clearing case gets denied by the judge?

This is an advertising platform. The tests are in no way objective. In many cases, a person who is applying for a security clearance will be denied if the fact that they are on probation for an active criminal offense is discovered. Finding the expungement records on your files is possible. Sometimes expunged records still show up in certain databases.

View the Case Number Schematic. Robert really came to my rescue! Our team of lawyers has the necessary skills and expertise to defend you in court based on technical grounds, such as a violation of constitutional rights. Yesterday, one of my clients walked out of court extremely happy after a judge granted his motion to terminate probation early and to expunge his conviction.

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Having these offenses on your record may also stop you from being able to serve in the military or hold public office.

Expungement of an Infraction?

  • If your DUI conviction was a felony, you should first have your attorney make a motion with the court to have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor before it can be expunged.
  • Most importantly, we pledge to do an extraordinary job on your case and to achieve the best possible result.
  • If You Have a DUI or alcohol related charge on your record, be smart and get it expunged.
  • Department of Justice in Sacramento will have to be sent asking for a report on your criminal history.


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Please leave this field empty. File your expungement request. However, people who were convicted on DUI, Driving on a Suspended License and Reckless Driving will have to fill out additional paperwork, as well as a motion.

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