Orangeville K-40

Is there life after you’ve done it all? You bet!

From 1927 until 1999 Kin Canada had an upper age limit. Once an active member reached the upper age limit he or she was precluded from taking an active part in the local club activities. Through most of this period the upper age limit was 40, but was increased to 45 near the end of the period.

Some members who had reached the upper age limit wished to still be associated with the local club and wanted to maintain contact with other club alumni who had also reached the upper age limit. They formed an auxilliary club to the Kin Club … the Orangeville K-40 Club.

The K-40 Club meets once a month for a social gathering. They lend their experience and expertise when called upon by the Orangeville Kin Club.

For further information, please contact the President of the Orangeville K-40 Club, Bill Huddleston at 519.941.0345.