Club Executive

The Club Executive Committee has responsibility to act on behalf of the Club between general meetings. Usually the Executive meets once a month. Executive meetings are chaired by the President. The members of the Executive are elected annually by the Club members. The Executive is the Board of Directors of the Club.

The Club Safety Officer is a member of the Executive and is appointed annually from amongst the members of the Executive.

Contact information for our members is generally restricted to the Club Members due to privacy issues. Contact information is provided for the President or Membership Director in order to facilitate the conduct of Club business. Should you need to contact a member of the Club please use the contact information provided.

The current Executive is comprised of the following members.

President: Angela Lockhurst

Vice President: Cindy Williams

Treasurer: Ian Stewart/Laura Hennessey

Secretary: Diane Zan

Risk Manager: Richard Beri

Membership, Social Media and Website: Narinder Singh

Awards Director: Cindy Williams

Kin Information Director: Alan Howe

Other Current Members:

Shazaam Ajib

Adam Dickie

Roland Boyd

Steve Tanner

Debbie Tanner

Rick McFadden

Geoff Del Grande

John French

Richard Beri

Navdeep Gill