Kin Structure

CLUB: The executive is elected for a one-year term. The Kin year runs from July 1 to June 30th. Club elections are held between April 1 and May 15 of each Kin year, and every active member and active life member is eligible for office after their first year (except for the position of President). The Club executive consists of:
  • President: The person who runs the meetings and oversees all Club activities;
  • Past President: The person who ran the meetings last year;
  • Secretary: Records the minutes of the meetings and reads the mail;
  • Treasurer: Tells us how much we have in the bank, pay the bills, keeps accurate records of the financial business of the club;
  • Vice President: Helps the President, acts as his alternate in the event the President is unable to discharge his duties,  and trains to be the next president;
  • Bulletin Editor: Publishes the club news bulletin once a month, or however often the club dictates;
  • Director: Heads various committees and acts as liaison between the executive and the membership;
  • Registrar: Keeps track of the members’ participation in the club; and
  • Membership Director: Makes the club’s name known in the community in various ways and promotes membership recruitment and development programs, makes new members, guests welcome.


The club executive typically meets before a regular meeting to prepare the program for general meetings, once or twice a month and to deal with the club’s administrivia. You are encouraged to attend an executive meeting at any time, as that is where much of the business is done and therefore the best place to understand how you club is run.

MEETINGS: There are typically two general meetings per month from September to June. In Orangeville these meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. In Orangeville, like most clubs, there are no  regular meetings during July and August.

ZONE: The Deputy Governor acts as liaison between the clubs within their Zone and the District Council. The Deputy Governor provides information to both their clubs and the rest of the District on how things are running. In addition these people chair the Spring Zone meeting and are members of the District Council. Each Zone has a set of By-Laws, which are specific to the clubs operating within a particular Zone.

DISTRICT: The District Governor acts as the chief administrative officer of the District. In addition there are up to four directors who assist the Governor in managing the district. The Governor and these four directors together with the Vice Governor, and the Membership Director form the District Executive Committee. The District Board of Directors is comprised of the District Executive Committee plus the Zone Deputy Governors.  The District Board of directors is responsible for the running of the District’s business.

There are eight Districts in the Association. Each District elects a National Director to serve on the National Board of Directors.

NATIONAL: Comprised of the elected National President, National Vice President and National Past President  and the eight National Directors. These individuals make up the National Board of Directors, that sets Association strategy along with the Executive Director who is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board.