Conventions and Conferences

Kin provides ample opportunity for fun,travel, learning, personal developement and meeting people across this great country of ours. Any member can attend one or more of the many conventions and conferences held throughout the year.

NATIONAL: Our National Convention is held in August in a different location each year. Kin from across Canada attend. It is a great way to meet Kin from other provinces and it is a lot of fun.

DISTRICT: Canada is divided into 8 Districts. We are District 8, which includes South Central and Northern Ontario. Each District has a convention or conference every year. District 8 typically holds its conference in June of each Kin year.

ZONE: Each District is divided into Zones.

Once a year meetings are held to deal with the business of the Zone. They are called Spring Zone Conferences. The various club Presidents give reports as to what and how their clubs are doing, by-laws might be changed, public speaking takes place and Zone Awards are presented. These are mini conventions hosted by a club in the Zone and usually have a theme that a social event revolves around.

FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: FLC is a personal development and fellowship weekend. It is usually held in October. In District 8 there is a rotation system to ensure that each zone gets a chance to host FLC.